Movember : the 360.Agency Moustaches Have Grown Well!

Discover the most impressive moustaches of 360.Agency!
Discover the most impressive moustaches
of 360.Agency!

After a month of the Movember Challenge, let’s take a look to the results with our 12 players!

In early November, 12 employees of 360.Agency started the Movember Challenge, a call for men around the world to let their moustache grow for a month. Why? To raise awareness and funds for research in men’s diseases. Since 2003, millions of people have taken up the challenge of the Movember Foundation Charity, Movember for “mo” (moustache) and “November” (November).

Over the weeks, the moustaches have grown up well, trying to compete with each other. The result is worth a look! Which one is the funniest moustache of 360.Agency ? Let’s find out in our video!

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